What is that Car Noise?

September 11th, 2021 by

Everyone loves to hear the beautiful sound of a high-performance engine. We often take it for granted when we turn the keys and make our way to the office each day until an unusual sound presents itself. You must pay attention to any strange noise you might hear. The service department at Volkswagen Cherry Hill in Cherry Hill, NJ put together some of the top complaints and what they might mean for your vehicle.

Squeaking From Under the Hood

If you hear a squeaking noise, it might be a belt that’s worn or damaged. If the serpentine belt becomes loose, you must get service immediately. This belt runs many significant components and will leave you stranded if it breaks.

Hissing From Under the Hood

When you hear the sound of a hiss, you might have a vacuum leak. This often causes the Check Engine Light to illuminate as well. It might also affect the idle performance, causing the engine to run roughly. You might face something as simple as having some lines reattached, but you should have it looked at right away.

Squeaking Wheels

If you hear a squealing coming from your wheels, especially while braking, you might need new brake pads. Many modern pads alert you by sending out a screeching sound. If you don’t pay attention, you might damage the rotors, which leads to a more expensive repair. This sound turns into a grinding and you don’t want it to go that far.

Get Service Immediately

The bottom line is, anytime you hear a strange sound coming from your vehicle, you must have it looked at. Turn down the music and pay attention. If something is going on, your vehicle might be trying to get your attention. Bring your car, truck or SUV to Volkswagen Cherry Hill in Cherry Hill, NJ for quick, affordable and professional service.

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