New Car Vs. Used Car: Which One to Buy?

June 25th, 2021 by

At a point in every individual’s life, there is the dire need to get a car. It can be the first car or a replacement for the decrepit one. At this juncture, there may be a bit of a dilemma. It becomes a question of choosing between buying a new car or getting a used car. The best way to make the best decision is to weigh both options and see which best fits you.

Before buying a new or used car, it will be best to consider the down payment and continuing expenses. When you look at this, you may find used cars more preferable than new ones.

Some of the things you will need to pay for in new cars include insurance, maintenance fees, taxes, down payments, tires, gas, and many more. While these also apply for used cars, they cost significantly lesser. When you consider repairs over the first few years of purchase, you might be looking at a new car. However, after serving its purpose, you’re always looking to trade it for another one.

A used car costs lesser when it comes to interest rates over car loans and other taxes. A new car costs more to insure after you must have purchased it at some high price. Unluckily, this same car loses value as soon as it leaves the dealer’s garage. Used cars cost less to insure and do not have a drastic impact on value depreciation.

Having said all this, the ball remains in your court. The choice will depend on your immediate need and how much you can pay to afford it. Regardless of your choice, Cherry Hill Volkswagen is ready to offer you high-quality new and used cars with competitive pricing.

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