Lease Return Process Cherry Hill Volkswagen

July 23rd, 2021 by

A lot of vehicle owners turned to lease as it saves them a lot of money. Vehicle lease significantly reduces the cost for those that are unable to purchase a vehicle at once. However, what do you do what your lease is coming to an end? Here is Cherry Hill Volkswagen; we would help your transition when your deal is coming to an end. To make the process easier for yourself, you should be well-equipped with the knowledge of the due process. So, what is the way forward when your due date is approaching?

Plan and Schedule your Vehicle Inspection

Before you can return a leased vehicle, it has to go through an inspection to check for wear and damages. This is why you must know your due date ahead of time. It is best to schedule your inspection around 45-60 days before the lease ends; that way, if there are extra charges, you would prepare yourself appropriately.

Try to make the vehicle as clean as possible on the inspection day, both the exterior and interior. Once the inspection is complete, the results come out shortly after. You will find if you are to conduct any repair before returning the vehicle or pay extra fees. You may be lucky that the damage falls under the vehicle warranty. Such reason is why you have to do pre-inspection as early as possible; it helps you to prepare, especially financially.

Turn in your Volkswagen

Once the vehicle inspection is done, if you are to pay any fee or make any repairs, do it before the due date to have a hassle-free lease return. Make sure the vehicle is also clean on the day of return to avoid any extras. Remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle before returning them. You would also need to return the keys as they were handed to you when you got the vehicle. Any missing key may attract an extra fee. Then return the owner manual to the already empty glove compartment, and the car is good to go.

Here at Volkswagen Cherry Hill, we aim to give you the best. Our lease deals are unbeatable, and we boast of the best collections of Volkswagen models. Our lease returns are hassle-free as we have professional sales representatives to put you through; perhaps you also want to purchase a vehicle; feel free to reach out to us today if you are having difficulties making a decision, no worries! We have you covered, contact us and schedule a test drive today.