All About Certified Pre-owned Cars

May 10th, 2022 by

Vehicles are vital utilities we need to get by our daily routines. But one thing almost always stands true; they’re a pretty costly investment, especially if you’re looking at a new car model. The silver lining is that you have a viable alternative in certified pre-owned cars.

To sum it up, these vehicles are used cars that manufacturers certify to meet factory standards. Besides having lower mileage, they’re generally in better condition than similar modeled used cars. Cherry Hill Volkswagen wants you to have all your cards on the table before making that vital vehicle purchase — check out our insight about pre-owned cars.

Good Quality Vehicles Are a Must

Certified pre-owned cars are typically in top-notch condition since they must be in optimal condition to qualify. These cars are usually late models with low mileage and good service history per the manufacturer’s stipulations.

Therefore, you’re sure going to get a quality vehicle that lasts you a while. Another big perk is that cars have minimal accident damage, meaning you won’t grapple with frequent repairs.

Vigorous Inspections and Vehicle Reconditioning

Certified pre-owned vehicles undergo a rigorous and comprehensive inspection per the manufacturer’s guidelines. This process detects problems, if any, before reconditioning to top-notch conditions.

The process may check for issues in tires, the engine, brakes or other potentially problematic areas. Later, vehicle reconditioning will involve fixing the broken parts or damaged areas.

Current Vehicle Models Are an Option

Getting a used vehicle doesn’t have to mean an old one. That’s because buying certified pre-owned ascertains that you choose from the inventory of newer car models, usually between 2-7 years old.

Furthermore, these vehicles are almost always of the same generation as the current model. You have a high chance that the certified pre-owned car you purchase will be similar or identical to the latest, brand-new models.

Factory Warranties Offer Some Protection

A certified pre-owned vehicle comes with a factory warranty during the purchase. That includes a powertrain warranty for mechanical components such as the transmission and engine or a bumper-to-bumper warranty for essential vehicle components, such as the AC.

We advise you to check the warranty to know what’s in it for you since the terms may vary. The powertrain warranty might serve you for multiple years, while the bumper-to-bumper warranty lasts a short while.

On-the-road Support

When you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle, roadside assistance may be part of the package. You should check with the car dealership to determine whether they offer the service and the exact timeframe the support lasts.

On-the-road support may cover towing services or rental car reimbursements if the vehicle suddenly breaks down. There’s also the possibility of free maintenance, including inspections, tire rotations and oil changes.

Save, Save and Save Some More

A certified pre-owned vehicle will save you money upfront compared to purchasing a brand-new car. These cars may cost about ¼ less than the price of new similar models.

Another appealing feature is that they’re cheaper to maintain since they generally don’t come with problems. Besides, their certification means they’re in pretty good shape and have plenty of life, meaning they can serve you for a long time.

Purchase a Used Volkswagen Today

Are you ready to get an affordable pre-owned vehicle that’s as good as a new one? Cherry Hill Volkswagen has got a surfeit of certified pre-owned Volkswagen cars. Check out our inventory to find the vehicle model that resonates with your style, or call us to speak to an agent.