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What is that Car Noise?

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Everyone loves to hear the beautiful sound of a high-performance engine. We often take it for granted when we turn the keys and make our way to the office each day until an unusual sound presents itself. You must pay attention to any strange noise you might hear. The service department at Volkswagen Cherry Hill in Cherry Hill, NJ put together some of the top complaints and what they might mean for your vehicle.

Squeaking From Under the Hood

If you hear a squeaking noise, it might be a belt that’s worn or damaged. If the serpentine belt becomes…

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Testing Your Car Battery with a Multimeter

1200 × 600If you have concerns about your car battery, you might want to check it with a multimeter. At Cherry Hill Volkswagen, we have the steps you need to take.

Signs Your Car Battery is Bad

Typically a bad battery exhibits some signs. These include:

·        A slow-cranking engine while starting

·        Illuminated battery light on the dashboard

·        Dim lights

·        Clicking as you attempt to turn the engine

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Brake Safety

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How much attention do you pay to your brakes? At Cherry Hill Volkswagen, we want to make sure no one takes brake safety for granted.

We utilize our brakes day in and day out, and it is that very constant use that leads to so much wear and tear. Brake pads and brake discs get the brunt of the work. It may seem like overkill replacing pads and discs so often, but when you really think about the operation they are required to perform on a daily basis, it’s a small wonder they don’t need to be replaced…

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Volkswagen Care Prepaid Scheduled Maintenance Plans

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Once you get behind the wheel of a Volkswagen car or SUV, you want to do everything possible to take care of your vehicle. At Cherry Hill Volkswagen, located near Philadelphia, we offer the Volkswagen Care Prepaid Scheduled Maintenance Plans that save you money and give you more control.

Volkswagen Care Details

With Volkswagen Care, you get the option between seven varied prepaid scheduled maintenance plans to find the option that best suits your needs. Not only do we offer the Volkswagen Care Basic and Volkswagen Care Extra plans, but we also have the Volkswagen Care 40 through 80 options…

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Inventory Scarcity Changes Holiday Car Shopping in Philadelphia

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Are you planning on purchasing a new Volkswagen for the holidays? This process might be more difficult this year than ever before. If you want a present for a loved one, you will want to act fast. Here are some things happening right now at Cherry Hill Volkswagen.

Inventory Scarcity

There is a severe car inventory shortage in America right now. Because plants were shut down, production got backed up. Some plants aren’t even operating at full capacity as we speak, making it more difficult than ever to get new car models.

This is bad news if you are…

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General Maintenance for your Volkswagen in Philadelphia

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You want to care for your Volkswagen vehicle, which is the reason you should focus on the general maintenance recommended by your owner’s manual. At Cherry Hill Volkswagen, we have different tips and services so you can keep your vehicle in good condition. Consider taking these actions to service your vehicle.

Perform a Vehicle Inspection

You don’t need to be a vehicle technician to check your Volkswagen. You can regularly do your own vehicle inspection by looking at the belts and hoses. If you see any damage, then schedule an appointment. 

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Where to Get a Volkswagen Oil Change in Philadelphia

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When it's time to get an oil change for your Volkswagen vehicle, you don't want to search for the best deals or the garage closest to you. You could end up getting scammed. Here are some reasons to get your oil lube and filter maintenance done at Volkswagen of Cherry Hill.

When Does the Oil Need to Be Changed?

As you drive, the motor oil in your vehicle loses its effectiveness. You cannot see this occurring, which is the reason that you must watch the mileage of your car. 

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Volkswagen Brake Pad Replacement in Philadelphia

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It’s tempting to prolong brake service on your Volkswagen, but you aren’t receiving the level of safety you deserve. The VW brake pads need to work as intended to protect you. Not only will this neglect cause dangerous situations on the roads of New Jersey, but it could also mean costly repairs.

At Cherry Hill Volkswagen, we want you to know when to get brake repair, so you stay safe.

What are Volkswagen Brake Pads?

VW brake pads sit between the rotor and caliper. These braking components help your vehicle slow down every time you press the pedal…

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